Keto Goodies

We made sure that our ingredients are all keto-friendly and also with the help of the keto community in the UAE, our Keto Goodies have evolved into what it is now — delicious & healthy! Almost all our ingredients are organic and we are very proud to say that the feedback gathered from when we started September 2018 til now has been amazingly positive and quite inspiring for us to move forward and create more goodies for our community.

Our Story

I make sure that I am transparent with the ingredients I use.
My name is Francoise Crosbie, I started Keto Goodies Dubai September 2018, I was 6-months postpartum and have just realized that I was one of those moms who have not lost all the pregnancy weight during breastfeeding and have gained so much after. My sister introduced me to this thing called Keto Diet, where we remove carbs out of the body which was at first, quite difficult for someone who myself comes from asian decent relies so much on rice on each meal plus my love of Italian food and BREAD!

The sad thing about starting a Keto Diet in the UAE is the lack of choices for support in terms of food (there’s just absolutely no one who offers keto-friendly products) until I’ve discovered that one of the organic stores in the UAE sells almond bread! I was delighted to say the least until I tasted them… The bread was not to my liking and that started it all for me. 

I personally started to research more on the Keto diet and how to cook and bake the right way with it. I made my first Almond Bread, it tasted better than expected, and I posted them proudly online at one of my mom support group thinking it would just be a normal post, and it went viral. Not only did I discover other moms who are on the diet themselves but also supported me to sell these breads that I made, I made a couple more different Keto goodies et voila! The rest was history. The post spread like wildfire in terms of amazing feedback and word of mouth.


As a person who also is on a Keto / Low Carb Diet, I made sure that the ingredients I make my goodies with are all keto-friendly
With the help of the keto community in the UAE, they have led me through the path to evolve my goodies into what it is now — an ultra-healthy, delicious and keto-friendly goodies. Almost all my ingredients are organic and I am very proud to say that the feedback I had from the beginning to now has been amazing and quite inspiring!
Our Goodies are prepared with gluten-free ingredients in a multi-purpose kitchen and may contain traces of gluten
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