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Going against the grain

Should I cut out gluten? People on the keto diet are often highly aware of what foods they are eating, but what impact does gluten have? For those with celiac disease, gluten is an absolute no-no. Sufferers can have serious adverse reactions if consuming foods with gluten – it’s a condition that currently affects around 1% of the global population.
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Fast Food Generation

Long summers with extreme temperatures, mall culture and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. None of this is news to UAE residents. A recent report by the WHO revealed that as much as 24.3% of UAE’s population is classified as obese and an alarming 70.6% overweight. Just as concerning to experts is the disturbing rise of health issues in young children and teenagers due to poor nutrition…
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30 years and counting…

What does a former Bond girl, mother of two and diabetic have in common? Her secret weapon to slow the hands of time whilst keeping fit and healthy – the keto diet. Hollywood superstar and wellness advocate, Halle Berry is set to celebrate her 55th birthday in August but the question on everyone’s mind is ‘how does she look like she did 30 years ago?’.
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The history of chocolate and how we create Keto Chocolate…

We’ve got a secret to tell you. The Keto Goodies chocolate items in our range celebrate nearly 4000 years of chocolate making. It’s a rich craft with a long history. As we celebrate World Chocolate Day, Keto Goodies is celebrating all things deliciously chocolatey. Read on for more about the history of chocolate and how we keep our treats tasting sweet….
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Travel this summer with Keto Goodies

Summer is officially here in the UAE! As temperatures rise and residents look for an adventure abroad, the chefs at Keto Goodies are here to inspire you to take a culinary vacation. Here are three recipes that will take you through the hustle and bustle of New York City, the magical flavours of Mexico and get you to leave a pizza of your heart in Italy….
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The results are out!

Last month, Keto Goodies conducted a survey with over 8,000 community members to learn more about what is important to them. The responses were overwhelmingly positive and we are so humbled to be able to serve this growing community of UAE residents. Let’s take a look at what our members had to say about keto....
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Try-at-home Keto Shawarmas

Inspired by the month of Ramadan, our expert keto chefs at Keto Goodies have put together a recipe that the entire Middle East celebrates – The Shawarma! So, gather your family and friends and wow them with this low-carb, keto-friendly meal…
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The keto flu explained

Making any change to your lifestyle, whether it’s taking on a new diet or exercise regime can have effects. One symptom that many people go through when they start the ketogenic diet is called the keto flu. The experts at Keto Goodies explain what the keto flu is, what to expect and some simple remedies to help overcome the symptoms...
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A low-carb and sugar-free Ramadan

With the Holy Month just around the corner, UAE residents are preparing for Ramadan which falls at the peak of summer this year. As diets become radically altered due to eating only during pre-dawn and after sunset, it is important to maintain energy levels and avoid overeating that may lead to putting on weight...
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