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Keto Goodies partnered with Dubai Marina’s popular British venue Marina Social to craft an exclusive low-carb, keto-friendly menu experience for its growing community of Keto Goodies fans across Dubai.

The collaboration was a first-of-its-kind for a Keto brand with the popular Dubai Marina restaurant, by acclaimed British chef Jason Atherton. The three-course menu was developed in consultation with experts at Keto Goodies to ensure they adhered to a keto diet and macro requirements.

Guests were able to choose from starters including a ceviche of Norwegian Salmon with avocado puree, watermelon, and cucumber salsa and salmon caviar; classic tomato and burrata with basil pesto and tomato salt; or steak tartare with truffle dressing, hazelnuts, and aged parmesan.

For the main course, guests chose from a succulent roast (beef, lamb, or chicken) or grilled cauliflower steak. All mains came with a rich sauce and a special assortment of keto-approved vegetables such as roasted swede, green beans, and yellow courgettes.

Finally, for dessert, guests were treated to a spectacular table-side show unveiling a Baked Alaska, accompanied with raspberry and yogurt ripple.


Marina Social’s Head Chef Will Stanyer said: “When running a kitchen, you need to be aware of diet trends and dietary requirements. Ten years ago, veganism was relatively unheard of but now we get hundreds of customers every month who we cater to with vegan options. Similarly, keto is a lifestyle that more and more people seem to be adopting, so we’re delighted to provide this special menu experience.”

Francoise Albrando Crosbie, founder of Keto Goodies said: “There is a fast-growing keto community in Dubai, particularly in the Marina which is a hotspot. It’s great to partner up with Chef Will and his talented team to create a menu packed full of flavour.”

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