Tis’ the season to be Keto

Did you know that on Christmas Day the average person consumes over 150g of sugar, more than five times the recommended daily allowance. The festive season traditionally comes with eating to excess. In fact, a Holiday Eating Survey* of 5,500 people found that as a result of overeating and exercising less, most people gain an average of 3kg during the festive holidays.

We also looked at Santa’s sweet tooth for his annual journey across the UAE. If each family in the UAE were to leave out a glass of milk (5g sugar), a mince pie (23g sugar) and a cookie (11g sugar), the jolly guy in the red suit would tip the recommended sugar allowance with a visit to just one home!

In fact, with around 1.7million family households across the Emirates, Father Christmas wolfs down over 66.3million grams (or 66.3 tonnes) of sugar in one night! That’s equivalent in weight to more than 3000 Christmas trees, or 275 fully grown reindeer!

Far from being a Grinch, Keto Goodies insists that Christmas should be a time for enjoyment – but that doesn’t necessarily have to mean breaking the weighing scales after the holidays.

“It’s certainly possible to have a great festive season without waddling out of the holidays looking like an emperor penguin. It’s simply about choosing lower sugar options. Or not. Just don’t blame me if your pants don’t fit on New Year’s Day.” said Francoise Albrando Crosbie, CEO of Keto Goodies.

For individuals and families looking for a lower carb and lower sugar holiday season, Keto Goodies has crafted guilt-free limited-edition festive baskets, packed full of popular favourites like gingerbread cookies, crinkles and yule cake.

To order the limited edition Keto Festive Baskets, head over to www.ketogoodiesdubai.com and use the code Santa15 for 15% off.

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